GPS Virtual HR

GPS Virtual HR is an on-demand, bespoke HR intervention designed around the changing needs of Business Owners. From a small home office to a business which is growing in size and employment, GPS is your on-demand HR department. We provide personalized solutions on a pay-as-you-need basis, using smart technologies to optimize your time, while offering personalized high calibre HR advice and business partnering.

Our team has the capability to support your HR needs end-to-end, covering policies, processes, best practices, systems and ways of working to give you compelling results.

You can purchase a GPS Virtual HR Consultation Package to discuss your HR and people performance issues, ideas or plans.

To optimize your time, our GPS Virtual HR Consultation Package includes a pre-brief with a Consultant to allow us to understand your specific priorities and outcomes. We will also prepare you for your consultation by gathering more information ahead of the session and providing details on how to connect. The GPS Virtual HR session is held face-to-face via on-line meeting room technology and will last for up to one hundred and twenty (120) minutes. The session can be used for one-to-one meetings or teams as decided by the Business Owner.

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