GPS Virtual PMO

GPS Virtual PMO provides the services of an expert off-site Project Management Office customised to the needs of any business, from SMEs to larger corporate organisations, without the overhead of having to dedicate in-house resources. Through its virtual PMO, GPS is able to provide strategic life cycle project management from initiation based on process mapping, review and re-engineering; ensuring technical requirements meet business deliverables and established quality standards that include risk and business continuity planning with project closure that includes post implementation audit.

The GPS Virtual PMO fully utilises a full range of web-based project management tools customisable and accessible to all project stakeholders. GPS will facilitate communication including the preparation of technical and end-user documentation and conducting user training. GPS is experienced in negotiating with vendors, preparing and evaluating RFP's, establishing service level agreements, procurement and contract management.

You can purchase a GPS Virtual PMO Consultation Package to discuss your current Project Management issues or to plan future projects.

To optimize your time, our GPS Virtual PMO Consultation Package includes a pre-brief with a Consultant to allow us to understand your specific priorities and outcomes. We will also prepare you for your consultation by gathering more information ahead of the session and providing details on how to connect. The GPS Virtual PMO session can be held face-to-face via on-line meeting room technology and will be priced for you based on your needs and specific deliverables. The session can be used for one-to-one meetings or teams as decided by the Business Owner. If you have any questions on this service, please contact us by completing the form on this page.

You are on your way to a world-class GPS Virtual PMO Consultation Session for your Business!

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