GPS Bespoke Consultation for Senior Leaders and Executives

Your personal brand should always be fresh and marketable. Taking control of your personal brand makes all the difference in the talent market for senior professionals. It is therefore critical that your public profile and resume are structured to maximize your strategic impact and that you have high self-awareness as a global leader and can articulate this with ease.  To get you started on this journey, for Executives we provide fit for purpose, customized solutions to give you something tailored to suit your needs.  You can use your bespoke session to:

  • Work on your profile, resume and social media footprint, or
  • Grow your leadership using a fit for purpose gap analysis approach to ensure you can highlight your best self and with an indicative development plan.

This consultation will include a look at your social networking footprint and your ability to communicate your experiences effectively.  At the end of the session, you will receive a brief report which will be a synopsis of the key areas to improve so that you and your profile stand out.  Beyond this bespoke session, GPS offers more extensive executive assessments and global benchmarking to corporate clients which would include psychometric testing with a semi-structured behavioral interview and report.  Please contact us if you want to find out more by sending us an e-mail to

To optimize your time, our offer includes a pre-brief to allow us to understand your priorities and gather more information ahead of time, as well as to prepare you for your consultation and provide details on how to connect.  You may be required to complete some questionnaires before and possibly during the GPS Bespoke Consultation session.  The session is held face-to-face on-line, via on-line meeting room technology.  This session will run for up to one hundred and twenty (120) minutes.


Take advantage of our introductory offer in 3 easy steps:

  • Sign up with GPS so that we have your details and can send you a reference number. Sign up here.
  • Pay via Paypal using the 'Buy Now' link on this page.
  • GPS will connect with you to set up an appointment.

You are on your way to a great consultation!