GPS Personal Re-branding & Resume Advice Package (Non-Executive levels)

Even if you do not plan to switch careers or jobs, your personal brand should always be fresh and marketable. Taking control of your personal brand may mean the difference between an unfulfilling job and a rewarding career. It is critical that a resume is structured and composed to maximize impact. Our GPS consultants are highly effective in guiding individuals to reposition themselves in the market place to highlight their best self. We point them in the direction to make a difference in their work life and ultimately make a tangible step towards success and happiness in their personal lives.

To optimize your time, our Personal Re-branding and Resume Advice (Non Exec) Package includes a pre-brief to allow us to prepare your for your consultation, provide details on how to connect and gather more information ahead of time. The session is held face-to-face on-line, via on-line meeting room technology.

This sessions will run for up to thirty (30) minutes and will take a look at your professional profile. This can include a look at your social networking footprint, your resume and your ability to communicate your experiences effectively.

At the end of the session you would have received:

  • An in depth engaging conversation to uncover nuggets in your profile and gauge what differentiates you.
  • A review and recommended revisions to your LinkedIn profile.
  • A review and recommended revisions to your resume.
  • A brief report, which will be a synopsis of the key areas above to make you stand out.
  • Sign up with GPS so that we have your details and can send you a reference number. Sign up here.
  • Pay via Paypal using the 'Buy Now' link on this page.
  • GPS will connect with you to set up an appointment.

You are on your way to a great Personal Re-branding and Resume Advice Session!